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The Puffy Mattress is the culmination of four years of research and development, foam formulations, and sleep trials. We believe, as do the majority of our customers, that we have crafted the perfect sleep system — especially for those with back pain.

It’s no secret that foam, especially higher quality foams such as those used in the Puffy, can only be compressed tightly for so long before degrading in quality. To ensure you receive your mattress in immaculate condition, we make, compress, and package our mattresses in smaller batches so they are only compressed for a week or two before you receive it.



Reason 1


Mattress review companies ranked Puffy the Best Mattress for all Sleeper Types due to its excellent spine alignment support.

Reason 2


Get the best sleep of your life delivered directly to your door for no extra charge within two to five business days. Better sleep should be easy and Puffy makes it so.

10″ Mattress 3 Layers
The mattress that started it all – the original Puffy.
12″ Mattress 4 Layers
A best-seller for enhanced support and increased contouring.
14″ Mattress 5 Layers
Experience the pinnacle of luxury with our most advanced mattress yet.
Best Puffy Mattress

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3 thoughts on “Puffy Mattress”

  1. The “Royal” trumpets are calling me to bed.
    I have been a lifetime finicky sleeper. My husband call me the Goldi Lox of mattresses. Im a very sensitive sleeper always upgrading ever few years. Nothing feels the right amount of comfort vs support. We have had top of the line beds. Simmons Black, Beauty-rest Legend … you name it, Plush beds seem to hard and Pillow tops too soft. We have tried and purchased every type of mattress toppers from feather to Tempurpedic. My husband will sleep on anything but If Im not sleeping well he has to hear about it so we decided to try some beds in a box. Casper Wave not for us. Puffy Lux an amazing bed that my husband really liked and I did too, but knew it wasn’t perfect for me. Then came the Puffy Royal and its PERFECT!!!! I wanted to write a review the minute I laid on it but to be fair I thought a few nights of sleep must happen before I could honestly review. To first touch you can feel the perfect balance between soft yet supportive. Laying on it feels like you are being cradled in zero gravity. Going to bed is easy and getting up in the morning hard. Thank you Puffy. You knocked it out of the park with the Royal. My husband agrees its the nicest bed we have had and definitely worth the extra cost. If you can afford the Royal you wont be sorry as nothing else will compare!

  2. Puffy saved my back
    Have a plate in my neck from military service and have been finding it hard to sleep. Decided to try the new puffy lux mattress since get 101 night trial. Have had it for 3 months now and haven’t had back issues or neck issues. Sleeping great thought the night and no shoulder pain. Will definitely buy more, plus can’t beat the lifetime warranty.


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